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I am a mum to three beautiful kids and wife to a gorgeous man. We live on the fabulous NW coast of Tasmania, and this is a slice of my life - kids, adoption, family, dogs, chooks, God and more!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Grossest Ensuite EVER!!!

I have been surfing the net looking for ideas for our yet-to-be-decided-upon new ensuite and I found this picture. I mean, what WERE they thinking???!!! It looks as if the Jolly Green Giant has had a great big vomit all over the bathroom. Even the toilet and the bidet are giant-puke green. And the gold duck bath tap is one of the rankest things in existence. Rest assured, I will most definitely NOT be taking any decorating tips from these guys!!!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Rocking with the Wiggles!

Alice and I had a complete blast today, travelling to Launceston to see the Wiggles. She did not stop dancing from the moment they came on stage to the moment she tearfully farewelled them. Tearful not because they were going but because they weren't waving to HER!!! And unfortunately no I have no photos. Usually at these events cameras are banned so I didn't bother taking mine with me. I could have kicked myself when Anthony invited people to take as many pics as they wanted....

Sunday, 13 March 2011

What's Under the Bucket????!!!!

No exciting prizes or giveaways, but I would love to hear your thoughts. I will let you know tomorrow if anyone guesses correctly!!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Parenting a RADical kid

I haven't capitalised the first three letters of radical by mistake. RAD is an acronym for Reactive Attachment Disorder, and I am the mum of a little RADical. Parenting a RADical kid is challenging at times. The highs are high, but the lows can be very low. Thankfully, we sought intervention when Alice was very young (about 16 months old) and the therapy we did then made a HUGE difference to her ability to attach. Unfortunately though, RAD is something that often simmers below the surface and can rear it's ugly head when you least expect it. Since therapy back in 2008, Alice has seemed to be doing very well, but the past few months have seen a return of the RAD-ish behaviour, but in a different form. Whereas initially we had withdrawal and refusal of affection, now we have anger. This is not any normal anger - it is an anger that runs deep, and is almost primal in it's depth and expression. What triggers this monumental anger?? Not much!! Right now, she is unable to cope with me saying 'no'. A refusal to do what she orders is usually met with a scream of 'it's not FAIR!!!', accompanied by crossed arms and stamping. Further refusal to bend to her will is met with screaming, kicking, hitting, spitting and growling (like a wild animal). She also resists affection from her brother and sister, often hurting them in the process, or claiming (untruthfully) that they are hurting her. These episodes can be short-lived (a few minutes) or go on for much, much longer. When she is really having a 'screamer' she seems to lose all control and simply cannot stop the upwelling of anger. It breaks my heart to see someone so little so very, very angry. After she calms, I ask her what made her angry. More often than not, she doesn't know. I think that she is simply too young to realise that the anger comes from deep within her soul, and it is anger at her abandonment. She will probably not be able to pinpoint the reasons for her anger for many years yet, but it is still there, simmering under the surface. Sometimes I just wish that I could take it away and let her be just a normal kid without such extreme emotions, but I know that it is a cross she will have to bear. All I can do is be there for her, hold her whilst she rages, and let her know that it will be OK. I pray that, eventually, it WILL be OK. That's the thing about RAD - even when one phase passes, there are no guarantees that things are 'fixed'. And one of the most difficult things about RAD is that, on the outside, Alice looks like a perfectly normal, well adjusted and balanced child. When in public, she is, most of the time, angelic! It is only at home where she lets it all hang out.  Life with a RADical kid can be unpredictable, but it's not all bad. The feeling I get when this little, vulnerable person tells me that I am the best mummy ever, and that she never wants another mummy, is worth all the hard parts. She is my special little girl, and no matter what RAD throws at us, we shall make it through the other side.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Hounds

Snookie and my Dad
The Daisy chair
Just a couple of cute pics of the family hounds. Snookie is our latest addition, acquired from the Dog's Home about a  month ago. He is a seven-year old (or thereabouts) Labrador cross and is as sweet and gentle as can be. He is also very stubborn, occasionally naughty and a Houdini-wannabe. Fortunately we have a VERY secure yard, protected by a pet-safe electric fence, thanks to our number two dog, Daisy the Digger. Bella, the top dog, is also the smallest, smartest and cheekiest. I just LOVE the photo of her and Daisy - who needs a dog bed when you have a best friend???!!!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Some Recent Photos

Alice's jie jie
Alice and her travel group buddy, Olivia
The husband looking cool!!!
Face painting, Australia Day 2011
Alice's ge ge on the waterslide, Australia Day 2011
The hounds - Snookie, Bella and Daisy
Blowing out the candles
Alice and her jie jie, January 2011
The awesome birthday cake, January 2011 (and no, I did not make it!!)
Alice doing her 'special' smile, CNY 2011
Alice and me, Chinese New Year 2011
Alice dancing at the travel group party!
Alice at her travel group combined birthday party, January 2011

For my friend Iso

THIS is a chook!!!
Chook, AKA the common chicken

I'm Baaaack!!!!

Well, many apologies for my unexplained and incredibly long absence. It has been a busy year since I last blogged, and in that time I have changed email addresses. This has meant that I can no longer access my old blog and thus felt motivated to start afresh. I can't promise regularity, hilarity, clarity or even anything of great interest, but I will attempt to upload some photos and get you all up to speed. No time right now to expand further but I promise I will catch up with photos very soon. Thanks for dropping by!!!!