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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wow, almost three months...

.........since I last updated my blog. What a slacker I am!!! I do have a excuse though - I started my Enrolled Nursing course on August 2nd and life seems to have become incredibly, crazy busy since then. I am just LOVING being back at school. In fact, I am pretty bummed at the moment because we are on school holidays!! Being back in learning mode is just wonderful - I had forgotten how much I enjoyed learning, and the buzz of finally studying to be a nurse still hasn't worn off. I can hardly believe how incredibly blessed I am to be finally pursuing a life-long dream. God is good indeed!!!
Aside from study, family life continues to occupy the majority of my time. Alice is SOOOO ready for school right now. I think the next few months will pass by very slowly for all of us - she wants to be at school NOW!!! Liam is also ready to move on. He has had enough of primary school and is very keen for high school. I have to keep reminding him that he does actually have to finish grade six before he can graduate to grade seven!! And Beth is busy planning her option subjects for grade ten next year. Wow, how did my curly-haired little toddler suddenly become a teenager going into grade ten????? Not only that, she is gung-ho keen to study medicine at Uni. I do hope that she is able to get in.
As for me, I have a little secret - I am having a significant birthday this weekend. Yep, that's right folks - the big 4-0!! I can hardly believe it. It doesn't seem that long ago that I remember being dragged along to my mum and dads friends' 40th parties. I clearly remember thinking that I could never possibly be THAT old, as I watched them careen drunkenly around, singing off key to that dreadful song 'Life Begins at Forty'. Well, my turn has come and I sure don't feel as old as I thought my parents' friends to be!! My birthday will be strictly free of all drunken renditions of that awful song, but perhaps I will drag out my old INXS CD"s and have a trip down memory lane. The Husband and I are going out to see a movie in the afternoon, and then he and the Big Girl are making me a gourmet dinner. Should be very enjoyable and not at all scary (I hope!!!)
Well, until next time, I sign off as a woman in her late thirties. My next post will be coming from my early forties - gulp........

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  1. Hee, hee!
    Been there, done that to all of the above.
    Oh boy, do I ever feel old saying that!!
    Have a great birthday Cristina. You deserve it.