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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Slice of Life

We are slowly settling into the 'new normal' without our beloved Pop. He has left a huge gap in our lives and I still find myself thinking about dropping in to see him, only to remember a second later that this won't be happening again in this world. The funeral went really well. I managed to read my Bible verses without cracking up and my cousin David gave a brilliant eulogy. So, life is moving along, as it has a habit of doing, and I thought I should upload some pics of our recent shenanigans. The first couple of shots are of the Husband and I, all dressed up for a dear friend's surprise 50th birthday party. Can you guess the theme???!!!!! And what I want to know is why the Husband's eyes are fine but mine are red IN EVERY PICTURE!!! The last pic is of my little treat I gave myself on our recent Melbourne trip. Yep. it's real!!! The meaning?? Check this link out. xxx

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  1. Cristina - what's your email address?? Can you send me an email at hardingfam@hotmail.com please??